"I highly recommend Kerrigan Homes for your building and remodeling needs. I have used many builders over the years and have not experienced the quality that Kerrigan Homes delivers. I had Walter totally remodel my home, remove a patio and build a beautiful sunroom. Kerrigan Homes is all about craftsmanship and one look at my home will prove it!"


Bill & Cathy Henderson

Iron Station, NC


"I was referred to Walter Kerrigan by my architect back in the year 2000. I had purchased an empty lot and was hiring the contractors to build my dream house. Walter was one of the first contractors I met and hired and that turned out to be a blessing for me. He was so generous with his time, experience, knowledge and most of all patience. He guided me through the entire process with contractor recommendations and as we were framing, and then later as he did all the trim work in the house, he suggested design changes that demonstrated his knowledge and talent as a true craftsman. Whenever I had a problem or a situation developed that I did not know how to handle or felt overwhelmed with, Walter was always there to help and guide me through that difficult time. Walter was there at the beginning of my adventure and stayed by my side until the end. Today our friendship with Walter and his family remains true and something I will always treasure."


Larry Silvestro

Holmdel, NJ


"I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, but Kerrigan Homes. Kerrigan Homes maintains a standard of class, hard work, generosity, personal involvement, kindness, elegance and dedication which is very hard to find in any other builder. The attention to detail is extraordinary. They strive towards excellence and always put the customer first!"


Harvey & Lisa Taylor

Mooresville, NC


"One of the most potentially disruptive life events is the renovation or construction of one's home. Recently I undertook the total reconstruction of my primary home with the help of Kerrigan Homes.  Walter Kerrigan was a pleasure to work with and I greatly valued his sound advice and counsel. I can say without reservation that Walter applied the same care and attention to detail to the work in my home that he would to his own; in fact, I used many of the same finishes in my home that he did in his. Walter is pragmatic, and his recommendations were tried and true, based on nearly thirty years of experience. While his professional knowledge was of utmost importance to me, his guidance throughout the process of building, including overseeing permits, inspections and the coordination of all the trades onsite was equally as valuable. I am grateful to have had Kerrigan Homes as a partner in the building and renovation process. Walter Kerrigan is a fine builder and a man of integrity, whose work I would not hesitate to recommend."


Marie Sheehan

Princeton, NJ



"Our original previous builder had not caulked the windows or doors when the house was built. As a result, the sheathing was molded, the nails were rusted through, the 18” foundation board was rotted through so badly that Walter, from Kerrigan Homes could put his hand through it, and the front foundation board had an 8 foot wide infestation of carpenter ants. Further, the chimney was held by one nail, the upstairs was so unstable that in a high wind it moved from side to side, and much more.  If Kerrigan Homes had been like other builders, they would have installed the new siding over the old leaving all of this destructive matter covered over. It would have continued to rot and destroy the house further. We would have never known. Instead, Walter from Kerrigan Homes, LLC, removed the siding and restored the house. He repaired every problem that he found making the house sound, and fit for the next hundred years! We are so very thankful that we chose Kerrigan Homes to work on our house.  The projects that we asked Kerrigan Homes to do were: New Siding, New windows, build a Carport, remove carpets and install Hardwood Floors, remove old Deck and build a new Deck, and re-orient the side door and install new steps. Kerrigan Homes workmanship has been outstanding. We have not seen that quality anywhere here in the Carolinas since we moved here. It is literally second to none. The deck is tongue and groove. We couldn’t believe it when we saw it. We could go on and on with the multiple ways that Walter has gone out of his way to please us as well as the high quality of work. We can trust Kerrigan Homes with the keys to the house when we could not be home. We highly recommend Walter to anyone who would like to build a new home or remodel anything."


Ed & Sally Crowell

Charlotte, NC



 "From the moment we begun planning our kitchen renovation, to the final touches, we have been so pleased with Walter from Kerrigan Homes, LLC. Walter takes great pride in his craftsmanship and did an excelllent job taking out our old cabinets and installing new kitchen cabinets along with our granite counter tops. Walter has a great attitude and is easy to work with. Every time I walk in my kitchen, I am still amazed how beautiful it is. Thanks Walter, excellent job!!"


Dana & Geri Wardrop

Huntersville, NC